19 July, 2017 at Itaugua, Paraguay

The summer 2017 IMAHelps medical and dental humanitarian mission will be to Itaugua, Paraguay. Mission trip dates will be from July 19th to 30th. If you are interested in joining us, please sign up online using the application in the volunteer section. Please note that because Paraguay is much farther south, we will depart early in the morning of July 19th so that everyone can arrive in Paraguay that evening and get a good night’s sleep before we start our mission work on July 20th. There is a 4-hour time difference between Paraguay and California. Although Paraguay is one of the poorest countries in South America, the hospital where we will volunteer is the nicest and best equipped hospital we’ve ever worked it. It’s also a teaching hospital and staff there are very interested having our volunteers work collaboratively with them to maximize the learning experience. They are also very interested in learning how to do more complex surgical procedures than we typically do on missions, so we have an opportunity not only to provide medical, dental and surgical care to some of Paraguay’s poorest people, but an opportunity to bring about sustainable improvements in the care they provide to their patients after we depart. To do this mission, however, we ask that every IMAHelps volunteer attempt to fundraise at least $1,000 between now and May 1st to help cover the costs of medicines and supplies and other mission costs. Please share your enthusiasm for IMAHelps mission work by asking your friends, family members, co-workers and clients to make donations on your behalf using our donation link page, which gives them the ability to indicate that they are making the donation on your behalf. You can include this link with photos of patients you have worked with during previous IMAHelps missions or post the link along with a short video clip in which you tell your friends and family what it feels like to volunteer on an IMAHelps mission and help people who can never repay you. In short, we need you to get more involved in actively promoting and fundraising for IMAHelps. Each volunteer will need to pay $500 to cover their food and lodging costs during the mission by May 1st. However, mission food and lodging costs will be only $400 for those volunteers and volunteer families who fundraise at least $1,000 for the mission by May 1st.

Location Map

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