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IMAHelps Provides $3.5 Million in Medical Services During Mission to Zacatecoluca, El Salvador

IMAHelps volunteers delivered nearly $3.5 million worth of surgeries and other medical and dental services through 5,923 patient consultations and treatments during the group’s recent humanitarian mission to Zacatecoluca, El Salvador.

The Aug. 6 to 16 mission took place at Santa Teresa National Hospital in Zacatecoluca, a suburb of San Salvador, El Salvador’s largest city.

“We were very pleased with the volume and quality of medical, dental, surgical and prosthetic care our volunteers provided to impoverished people who live in the communities outside of San Salvador,” said Ines Allen, IMAHelps’ president and founder.

During their mission to Zacatecoluca, IMAHelps volunteers logged 5,923 patient consultations and treatments, including 936 internal medicine consultations; 767 pediatric consultations; 554 cardiology consultations; 448 dental consultations; 128 prosthetic consultations; and 45 physical therapy treatments. They also performed 24 plastic surgeries, 17 orthopedic surgeries, 20 general surgeries, 12 obstetrics surgeries and 17 ophthalmology surgeries.

Allen said IMAHelps volunteers raised $69,782 in cash donations for the Zacatecoluca mission, which provided nearly $3.474,858 in healthcare services. That makes for a return on investment (ROI) of $49.74 for every dollar donated to IMAHelps.


Engineering Smiles

Engineering Smiles is an organization founded by Arizona State University students who want to make a difference in the world. Change begins with an idea and will power; the students at Engineering Smiles are ready. With your support, we can change the world.

Can you imagine a life deprived of the necessary medical and dental treatments many take for granted? Millions of people face this reality because they lack the proper medical care they deserve. In many under-served countries, dentistry is a luxury for the few. As a result, adequate facilities and trained personnel are greatly limited, leaving few options for those in need of urgent dental care.

“Having a mobile clinic would provide IMAHelps with a reliable physical plant. Our volunteer dentists would not have to improvise or convert their personal equipment to the host country’s facilities. It would help us work more efficiently, and free us to help more people during our visit.” – Dr. Tony González (volunteer dentist)

By partnering with IMAHelps, Engineering Smiles aims to alleviate the impact of these deficits. The non-profit IMAHelps organizes medical humanitarian missions to the most impoverished cities around the globe where volunteer dentists and surgeons perform a variety of procedures. Engineer Smiles intends to provide IMAHelps with a mobile dental unit where they can properly attend to the needs of the local population. This mobile dental unit will provide improved working conditions and equipment for the volunteers, allowing them to further assess and carry out dental procedures, while also providing comfort to those receiving treatment. In addition, the IMAHelps volunteers will lead training seminars for the host hospital’s medical professionals and donate a variety of medical supplies to ensure lasting impact. IMAHelps plans to base the mobile dental unit at the Universidad Católica de Nicaragua (UNICA) where it will be used for dental student training as well as dental outreach missions by IMAHelps volunteers and by university students working under the supervision of licensed dentists in Nicaragua.

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Roxana Regalado Oyola walks again

Huacho resident Roxana Regalado Oyola, 23, was raped, beaten and left for dead at age 16. She hadn’t walked for 7 years until IMAHelps volunteers gave her the help she needed during their 2013 medical mission to Huacho, Perú.


Marcos Mendoza’s Surgery

Chimbote resident Marcos Mendoza, 33, had a large tumor growing out of his leg and groin area since he was about 7 years old. During the IMAHelps 2013 medical mission to Huacho, Peru, doctors were able to remove the growth.


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